Made in the mountains

Born Andrew Clinard in Massachusetts, TRJG spent years living completely off-grid in a small adobe house he built in California’s Cuyama Valley. He farmed by day, drank whiskey by night, and stole the stage name John Gary from his shoeless farming buddy.


In his first solo show, at the only bar in town called The Place, TRJG was asked to turn down the volume - he was competing with a deer hunting TV show. You have to start somewhere! Andrew had spent years playing with Cuyama Mama & The Hot Flashes, which birthed some deep banging folk-rock country music. When the Hot Flashes split up, Andrew spent a few years developing a following as TRJG with an energetic one-man-band performance.


Over these years The Real John Gary wrote countless songs by candlelight, inspired by an old way of life, the tumultuous hunt for partnership, and the struggle with chronic pain. His unique Alt-country Americana music draws on the likes of John Prine, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams. His songs have been sung at bars, farms, prison, living rooms, barns, pickup trucks, restaurants, and a few legitimate music venues.


Andrew emerged from the mountains in 2019, landing in Tucson, Arizona. He immediately began working on his first album entitled “Goodbye Home,” out May 2020. With  “Goodbye Home”, TRJG delivers a debut album loaded with catchy, in-the-pocket hooks and unexpected, candid meditations on love, longing, and nature in the present day.